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Published on 2022-10-29

Game FiveM
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Welcome to MayhemRP!

Your search for the next great city is over!

Our goal for Mayhem RP, is to create a fun, immersive, and serious roleplay experience for our players. As a member of our community, we ask that you put thought and effort into your roleplay by developing a character with a slow-burn storyline in mind.

What you can look forward to in MayhemRP

Player Owned Businesses

We strive to afford our community with a solid Economy and this can only be possible with an economy built by and run by our wonderful players. Businesses work together in order to grow and facilitate the distribution of ingredients, in a farm to table experience.

Active and in-depth LEO

Join the ranks of the LEO as SAST or BSCO and take down criminals. Our city boasts an advanced evidence system, custom EUP, vehicles, and liveries. With active ranks and a detailed Standard Operating Procedure, the only thing left to do is apply and get out there!

Advanced Racing and Drifting

Craving a bit of high speed fun? Our ELO based ranked racing system offers just that. Move your way through the ranks and earn money on the way…and who knows… maybe make some friends…or enemies. The choice is yours!

Custom Scripts

We have gone through great effort to bring all of our players a beautiful UI, Phone, Garage System, Heists and Robberies. We believe it is important for the city to look just as beautiful as your RP, and so we have dedicated much of our time to making that idea a reality.

Advanced Housing System

Whether MLO or Shell we have you covered with an in-depth housing system that will allow you to find your home with ease. Our beautiful script allows you to decorate easily, inside and outside of your home.

Paintball Arena

Feeling like having some fun? Our paintball arena is a team based game where you and your squad can team up and have it out in multiple maps with in-city guns. Feeling brave? Why not put a wager on it and put your money where your mouth is!

Server Events

Our staff is dedicated to keeping things fun, and interesting. With a long list of dynamic characters the staff prepare server events where our players can compete in puzzles, scavenger hunts, races, or a slew of other well thought out roleplayed events. Win cash, cars, drugs, and more!

With our community of roleplayers we’ve built something truly wonderful, and we’ve only just begun! Now is the perfect time for you to join in and leave your mark on the city!


Thank you for reading! We hope to see you soon!

-The Mayhem RP Staff

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