Miss Blue Wolf 5X | PVE | Raidable Bases Online

Published on 2021-03-24

Game Rust
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Type PVE Oxyde Kits Friendly
Version 2293
Status Online
Last Check
59 seconds
IP Address
Port 27026
Map Procedural Map
Last wipe
10 days
Server Owner Miss Blue Wolf
Dynamic map https://playrust.io
Discord https://discord.gg/8C3YY8eHyt
Hits this month
Country United Kingdom GB

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Miss Blue Wolf 🐺

Come try our PVE Server (Miss Blue Wolf] 5X| PvE with Raidable Bases) it's lots of fun

This is a 5x PVE server with raidable bases with 5 difficulty levels and they have loot tables. They spawn in varying parts of the map, we have many different raid bases designs to choose from. (Buy Raid too)

We are all really friendly and are always here to help, with have a community center at H14 where we share things and there are free rooms.

So come check us out😘

Multiple plugins: stack size controller, Gather Manager (no more the x5), Quick smelt, Furnace splitter, Rust Kit (starter/Building kit), Remover tool, Death notes, Backpackpacks, Better loot, Z levels, Crafting controller, Info panel, Server rewards, Spawn mini, Raidable bases, Skip night, Extended recycler and chest stack (plus more).

You can /info to find a list of commands

Push f1 and type connect

The admin is open to suggestions and works really hard to supply the best mods and plugins possible for the server. I like to changes stuff around to try and create the perfect balance and listen to what you have to say through the discord community

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