[EU#1] 2Q20 OUTBREAK | 1PP Livonia


Published on 2020-11-18

Game Dayz
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Type PVE PVP High loot No stamina
Version 1.10.153598
Status Online
Map Enoch
Last Check
2 min.
Server Owner VAVUSH
Discord https://discord.gg/QjkK8tV9Qh
Hits this month
Country Germany DE

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FIND OUR SERVER ON DZSA Launcher by searching "2Q20"

I would like to invite you to 2Q20, a server focused on delivering an immersive survival PVP experience with many Realistic Weapons and a wide range of optics and attachments. We handpicked a small selection of Mods to improve on the vanilla version of the game keeping it realistic and create a challenging but enjoyable game play experience. Spawn selection is available for the Northern cities close to the river however the best loot can be found down South. Navigation GUI is available as well as auto-run with infinite stamina. For team coordination you have Ping System however the server won't force on you any 3D ping.

What to expect:


* Custom designed PVP areas

* Custom-made safe zones

* Airdrops every hour

* Heli Crashes

* Toxic Zone in Rodzanika

* Smugglers spawning in random locations every 4 hours (no safe zone)

* Factions war for territory control

* Expansion base building with territories

* Increased Loot

* More weapons and Items

* Ghillies and Camouflages

* Kill Feed

* Vehicles

* Short and Dark nights

* Party system

* Lockers, Locks, Tents, Locks on lockers and Tents

* Raid tools and Explosives

* Bank System

* Traders

* Personalized clothing for active clans

* Map designed base buildings

* PVP events

* PVE Missions (Set your radio on 99.7Mhz)

FIND OUR SERVER ON DZSA Launcher by searching "2Q20"

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