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Published on 2023-11-24

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From the Developers that brought you Subversion Roleplay, Fusion Roleplay, Vertue Roleplay & more…

Staff Applications: OPEN
Developer Applications: OPEN

Police Applications: OPEN
EMS Applications: OPEN
DOJ Applications: OPEN
Business Applications: OPEN

Providing quality roleplay servers in regions around the globe. We have partnered with communities across FiveM to provide a safe, fun environment for you to enhance your roleplay - and that’s not to mention the server features!

At the time of writing this post, since launch in August we have amassed over 1,185 discord members across our network and are still growing! Join us today via any of our links:

    NYX - USA https://discord.gg/nyxusa

Don’t wait around, join today and get your allowlist by reacting to our post in #allowlist-faq!

Let’s get around to the things you really care about… The server features…

Fully Custom Framework

    Our team spent 9 months, alongside some of the best developers in FiveM to create a truly unique experience with the user interface professionally designed to be tailored to your RP experience. We have build a framework that is modular and expandable, compatible with any other framework’s scripts to make bringing new features to the platform as easy and quick as possible.For the nerds out there, this framework is written 100% in TypeScript and utilises both MySQL and SurrealDB for the quickest database calls we’ve yet seen in FiveM!

Uber Advanced EMS Scripts

    Our developers have taken EMS RP to the next level with never seen before detail for player damage. From contagious illnesses to mysterious gunshot wounds and car damage, our system knows exactly what happened to your player and when it happened. We’ve taken it to the extreme with the level of detail we assess your player’s body, no more awkward EMS roleplay, our systems have been designed so reviewing the status of a patient gives you all the detail you need, to the limb. We’ve taken a unique approach to player armour, a leaf out of Tarkov’s book, making armour act like armour, so you better make sure your vest is on tight!

Engaging Civilian Activities

    Gone are the days where you run around to spots and press E to interact with a spot and wait there until your player is finished with an animation. With our framework we’ve pieced together engaging scripts that you can do alone, or with friends, seamlessly.

    Economy integrated Trucking Job - Deliver required goods across the map for other players to do their jobs!

    Interactive fishing - Grab a boat and head out to sea with your friends and find some treasure!

    World affecting Lumerjack / Marketplace - Travel Los Santos harvesting crops to be sold to the market, or grab an axe and chop down the trees for lumber until they grow back!

    Interactive Goldpanning - Get your friends together and head up into the marshes to sift through the muddy waters and who knows what you’ll find. Or, go it alone and meet other players to begin your story, just beware of the muggers who might want to take your loot from you!

    Unique Hunting - Fancy yourself as a bit of a marksman? Buy a rifle and head to Mt. Chilliad to find that all wildlife can be hunted through different methods and find out what quality of carcass you can really bring home.

    Player-Ran Recycling - Try your hand and our unique take on the overused recycling center scripts, get a job at the center and see how your actions can affect all the other parts of the server!

    Player Driven Delivery - Have you ever really wanted a chocolate bar and the shop has been all out? If you want a job done properly, do it yourself, use a van and drive around the city topping up the stocks of the stores nearby.

    Interactive Towing - Witness the police in action after an endurance race length chase and respond to their cries for a tow truck driver to impound a criminal's car, or drive around the city and pick up illegally parked cars to earn a bit of extra cash.

    Group Friendly Trash - Just joined the server and don’t know where to start? Open your phone and check out the party app. Start the trash job with your friends and you can all get to grips with the server.

    Ore & Gem Mining - Fancy getting some lucrative gems? Head up to the mineshaft to gain experience before heading to the quarry to mine the treasures that lay beneath the surface.Many more civilian activities, and more to come with active development!

Nail Biting Criminal Activities

    Fancy yourself as a master of the heist? A bit of a Pablo Escobar? Come and give it your shot against our active police forces with the suite of tools and scripts available to you.

    Not Trash ATM Robberies - notice how in most servers your ATM robberies get scuffed out and you don’t earn anything from them? Not with NYX, our ATM robbery script was meticulously and written with this in mind to bring you a flawless design. Get a rope and hook it up!

    Bank Truck Robbery - Once you’ve unlocked this level of crime from other activities, get your group together and hijack a roaming Gruppe6 truck, take it to a good shoot-out spot and wait for the cops to arrive! Good luck 📷

    Chop Shop - Think you can do the lockpick minigame flawlessly? See if you can grab the chop shop a specific car before the timer runs out, be careful not to damage it too much because they might need the part you slammed into that newspaper stand!

    Multi-Stage Fleeca Robbery - Our Fleecas take robbing a bank back to the basics to enable you to roleplay your favourite way. Want to just hold up the teller? Sorted. Want to hack the computers for a bit more cash? Better have your device in hand. Want to work your way into the back of the bank for a bigger cop response? Try your luck - you’ll need a hostage to work your way out of this one!

    Prop Based House Robberies - No more crawling around a house searching through cabinets! Want to pick up that toaster and take it with you? Take the TV off the wall? Immerse yourself in our house robbery script and affect the world around you in real time.Oxy Runs - What can I say? You’ve seen it before, you’ll see it again. Drop off the oxy for the dealer and you’ll get a reward, they might even take some of those marked bills off your hand.Player-Ran Pawn - Wondering where to sell off your stolen goods? Sneak them down to the pawn store and speak with a real player to sell them. If they’re not online, complete short missions for the pawn store and they’ll take your goods off you anyway!

    Rob A Local - Those pesky locals are always running around calling the cops when they see you do something illegal, get your revenge and take their belongings - just make sure nobody sees!

    Unique Store Robberies - Fed up of interactionless store robberies? Get yourself signed up on the party app to receive store robbery jobs, take too long and you’ll find yourself running into the cops in no time!

    Real-World Simulated Weed Growing - Serve the other citizens of Los Santos or the locals with your finest attempt at growing a quality strain! Mate mutliple strains to create unique strains or peddle the best-sellers on the street. Be warned, look after your plants or somebody might come and steal them… Or worse destroy your crop to eliminate the competition.This was all I was approved to tell you or it could be considered meta! Find out more in character and see our active developers working on scripts for you in our Discord

Player Owned Whitelisted Businesses

We work hard to ensure that all players have a fair shot at owning a business in the city or getting a job, which is why we strive to make sure the following jobs aren’t ran by server staff where possible! Fancy your own corner of Los Santos? Fill out a business application today!Developed with the player in mind, we can create new businesses to benefit your roleplay at the click of a button! Got a neat idea for a business in the city? Contact your regional management to make it a reality!

    Police Job
    DOC Jobs
    DOJ Jobs
    EMS/Fire/Doctor Job

    Taco Store
    Burger Shot
    Cluckin Bell
    Benny’s Customs
    Los Santos Customs
    Premium Deluxe Motorsports
    Recycling Center
    Dynasty8 Properties

Our server is in constant development by our team and items will be added/changed - speak to regional management if you have any concerns about a feature!

    NYX - USA https://discord.gg/nyxusa


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