*Wiped 14/01* UnlimitedSurvival|Custom|PVP/PVE|HighLoot|Season4

Published on 2023-08-20

Game Dayz
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Type PVE PVP High loot No stamina
Version 1.23.157045
Offline since 19 days
Last Check
3 minutes
IP Address
Port 2302
Server Owner _kever
Website https://www.Unlimited-Survival.com
Discord https://discord.gg/unlimitedsurvivaldayz
Hits this month
Country Netherlands NL

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Welcome to our thrilling game server! Here, you can experience the perfect blend of PVE (Player vs. Environment) and PVP (Player vs. Player), providing you with the ultimate gaming experience. Whether you're up for the challenge of battling fellow players or cooperating to defeat formidable creatures, our server offers it all.

What sets us apart are the MODS we've integrated to elevate your gameplay. These MODS add new dimensions to the world you explore, bring variety to weapons and equipment, and even introduce fresh gameplay mechanics that will test your strategic skills.

Our active admins are always ready to ensure a smooth and fair gaming experience. Whether you need assistance, have questions about server settings, or need to report inappropriate behavior, our admins make sure your gameplay remains enjoyable and hassle-free.

So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in our world full of adventure, where PVE and PVP converge, MODS enhance your gameplay, and active admins support you. Get ready for epic battles, strategic challenges, and unforgettable moments on our game server. Join us and let the adventure begin!

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