🌴🌅🌴 PARADISE CITY 🚗500+ Cars 🏡Custom Housing 🍻800+ Items 👷50+ Jobs 💰40+ Heists 🐲Businesses 🎲Casino 🔨Crafting&Cooking 🏁Races 👮PD 👩‍⚕️EMS 🌐FIB 🔧Mechanics 👨‍🎤Gangs 🌏Realistic Economy

gtaroleplaycity.com:30120 Online

Published on 2020-11-02

Game FiveM
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Type RP PVP PVE Race
Status Online
Last Check
4 min.
IP Address gtaroleplaycity.com
Port 30120
Launcher Download the launcher
Server Owner ParadiseRP
Website https://www.gtaroleplaycity.com
Discord https://discord.io/gtaroleplaycity
Hits this month
Country Canada CA

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Server runs on a custom framework and has been developed for the specific needs that our features demand.

IMPORTED VEHICLES - http://gtaroleplaycity.com/vehicles

Over 500 real life vehicles! Dealerships can be owned by citizens. Prices are realistic and financing is available. Special modifications for example 16 million colors, NOS, tuning chip, seat ejectors, backfire, tire track/chamber, leak oil, smoke screen..

JOBS & BUSINESS ECONOMY - http://gtaroleplaycity.com/jobs

Realistic Economy! Many Opportunities for employment including government jobs like Police, FIB, EMS, DOJ, Banking, Therapy, Real-estate. 30+ jobs available. Be your own boss and own your own business! Convenience Stores, Mechanic Shops, Vehicle Dealerships, Ammunation Stores, Restaurants, Factories, Night Clubs, MMA Gyms, Transport Services, Casinos... available for purchase.

REAL ESTATE - http://gtaroleplaycity.com/housing

Dreaming of owning your own home? Mortgage Loans Available for Penthouse apartment, Ocean front Properties, Suburban Single family homes All move-in ready! Foreclosures also available upon request. Over 300 maps. You can also place safes, decorations and crafting tables and grow all kinds of plants anywhere inside or outside on your property.

INDUSTRY - http://gtaroleplaycity.com/crafting

Crafting system with over 300 craftable items! Gather crops like vegetables, herbs, grains. Collect water, drill for oil. Mine for ore and smelt several types of metals and gather stone. Chop down trees for wood. Process items in various processing plants around the city.

GANGS & ORGANIZATIONS - http://gtaroleplaycity.com/gangs

RACES - http://gtaroleplaycity.com/races

HEISTS - http://gtaroleplaycity.com/heists

CASINO - http://gtaroleplaycity.com/casino

ITEMS - http://gtaroleplaycity.com/items

WEAPONS - http://gtaroleplaycity.com/weapons

KEYS & CHAT COMMANDS - http://gtaroleplaycity.com/commands


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