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Published on 2022-02-24

Game Project Zomboid
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Port 16261
Map RavenCreek;Suvival's Store;B
Server Owner Anonymous
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Country United States US

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Project Apocalypse Roleplay online since the beta MP! We're a big group of players who enjoy PZ as our main game server. We're a very active community that enjoys playing Project Zomboid in our ruleset.
We're a light roleplay server that offers a mix of gameplay and pretending your character in-game is in a real apocalypse, carrying your character as you would real life.

We plan on continue to expand into uncharted territories as the game progresses along. We hope to continue to build an enviorment our players enjoy and feel safe spending their time in.
Our community is the deciding factor for most of our server options & mods, we take value in what they decide. We have a high amount of developers working to increase satisfaction in our server to make gameplay enjoyable.
We have a lot of plans for the future of the server, as the game updates more we'll be more successfully able to curate a better experience for all.
- Anti-Cheat & Anti-Grief
- Character progression & saving system
- Claimable Zones ANYWHERE on the map in magnitudes of sizes!
- Safehouses! We have offline protection on safehouses, if you're offline your stuff is golden! Also players can't loot your house even if you're online, they can just enter.
- We're based on a dedicated server, therefore no lag! 64 dedicated gb of ram just for the server on our box!
- Structured rule list & active administration team. No DM on sight, unless in a KOS zone which are marked by players!
- Server wide events to encourage meeting new players on a friendly basis.
- Faction conflicts, looking to join a group to seek out justice on other players? There's a whole bunch of that!
- Default zombies the road to a proper zombie infection!  No easy mode here, fight and survive with your group!
- Loot structure is default! Restricting you from looting every item in the game in one session,
- Custom respawning - To avoid loosing character progression - This has rules and limitations but allows you to bring a character back to life. No permanent death if you save your character.
- Higher quality VOIP complexity to not sound like a robot with lag!
- 5x XP - We wanted to meet people in the middle, knowingly how long it takes to grind skills to be able to roleplay more and less grind.

Let us try to craft an experience worth your time.

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