POG 44;Vanila;Fun Adm;Noobs;Mods Offline

Published on 2018-11-21

Game Rust
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Type PVP Airdrop Oxyde Vanilla
Version 2163
Status Offline since 1 month
Last Check 28 min. ago
IP Address
Port 28026
Server Owner Navy Chief
Website http://pog.the-joys.com
Dynamic Map See the map
Discord https://discord.gg/7rThQfZ
Votes 0
Favorites 0
Hits this month 7
Country United States US

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We a nearly vanilla server.

What I mean is our server has everything vanilla rates except crap which is 4x. We also have several mods but they are pretty restrictive to keep that vanilla look and feel. We have a build kit to allow you to build a small base right away and you can use this build kit twice (it has a cooldown so it is not abused).

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