Pennsylvania Roleplay Community Offline

Published on 2020-06-26

Game FiveM
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Type RP
Status Offline since 1 minute
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Port 30656
Server Owner Chris_Wal
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Country United States US

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Who are we?

Our community is an ESX-Hybrid based server, with an emphasis on civilian roleplay. We want our civilians to have fun, develop their characters, and start their stories. We are considered to be Pennsylvania-based to add a dash of uniqueness to the FiveM world, as many others are rotating between Flordia and California.

Why us?

PRC is an unmatched community. First, let me explain how we operate here. We do not have individual LEO Departments. If you want to be a Law Enforcement Officer, you go through a standardized LEO course, and then you are cleared for duty. When you are cleared for duty, you can patrol as any department you would like to patrol as. We also don’t have Areas of play. Statewide, all the time.

We utilize the CAD/MDT system provided by Sonoran CAD. We are just now entering our beta phase of the community and actively looking for people to fill the ranks. Now is the prime opportunity to get in on the ground floor, and get involved.

What do we offer?

Well, I could say the same bull that every other community says, such as “custom CAD/MDT”, “Active Staff”, yada yada yada. Our community offers generic and basic ESX features, including an economy, career opportunities, custom-vehicle shops, functional housing, slinging those drugs, functional store, bank robberies, etc.

Although our community offers generic and basic ESX features, including an economy. We have added a custom twist to the way we provide career opportunities, custom-vehicle shops with over 50+ custom vehicles, functional housing, slinging those drugs, functional store, interiors, purchasable hidden homes, bank robberies, etc.

We are working around the clock to add more and rather exclusive items to the server.

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