Predator Net | 2x Vanilla | 3/4 Online

Published on 2021-02-19

Game Rust
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Type PVP PVE Kits Friendly
Version 2301
Status Online
Last Check
2 minutes
IP Address
Port 28015
Map Procedural Map
Last wipe
8 days
Server Owner PredatorNetwork
Dynamic map
Hits this month
Country United States US

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We're not just another community, we're a friendly environment everyone is welcome to take part in, and call home. Our primary goal is to provide the resources required to enjoy time with your friends, make new ones, and have a community you can call your own. We develop our servers on feedback, taking suggestions and implementing them as seen fit. We're not just another server that uses only pre-made resources - if required, we will attempt to develop it ourselves. We'd love for you to join us on our journey to construct a place everyone can call home, and create a fun experience for those involved.

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