Project Outcasts RP! [BETA-LIVE]

Published on 2021-10-02

Game FiveM
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Type RP
Offline since 3 days
Last Check
15 minutes
IP Address
Port 30120
Server Owner Geoffrey J
Hits this month
Country United Kingdom GB

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Looking for new players for one of the friendliest FiveM communities you can find!

We're a brand new RP server on FiveM. But we're totally not new to roleplay. The staff team is mature and has been playing gta:rp since the old SA:MP days.

We are freshly out of the Closed beta stage of development and currently into the Open Beta stage we need new players to further develop the server!

We are currently looking for members and leaders of our legal and illegal factions this is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and enjoy some very high-quality role-play!

If you are new to role-play don’t be afraid to join as our team will be more than happy to help you and teach you with anything you need! We love teaching role-play as much as we love doing it!!

We have worked hard during the development stages to have seamless lag-free gameplay throughout the entire server with everything being as optimized and up to date as possible!

We are a team based not only in Europe but also in America so we can cater to most time zones around the world unlike a lot of the other servers out there!

The main thing we have been working really hard on is keeping the economy of the server as realistic and fair as possible for everyone saying that risk can equal reward.

The police are not overpowered like a lot of other communities we have played on in the past so gives everyone a fair chance.

The perfect escape from your real life and into your successful virtual one! I find playing the best stress release and make new friends while doing it!

Features: Tuner DLC - Jobs - Gangs - Casino - Drugs - Fully working casino - Hunting - Legion Square based - Friendly players - NO WHITELIST

Server Info:  Server ip: Join link: Please feel free to make this a nice and good community!

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