Renzou Survival Online

Published on 2019-02-06

Game Minecraft
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Type PVE
Version Spigot 1.14.1
Status Online
Last Check 3 min. ago
IP Address
Port 25565
Server Owner Renzoku Survival
Votes 3
Favorites 1
Hits this month 24
Country United States US

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***UPDATE 5/23/2019***1.14.2 is hopefully right around the corner, and with it, the disappearance of that annoying lag that was introduced in Vanilla 1.14 as well as the weird lighting bugs.

---A heads up to anyone that is thinking of joining this server... My server is not for everyone. I keep this server on the bleeding edge of development so it's updated on a daily basis. However, certain updates break things, sometimes forcing a map reset. That being said, before any map reset, everyone will be given the option of having their base and or belongings saved and carried over to the new map. All that is required is the coordinates of the area you would like copied over to the new map, as well as a comprehensive list of items you possessed before map reset that can be legitimately verified(I have plugins that can do this). With all of that being said, I will do whatever it takes to not have to reset the map any more...---

To bring back a taste of survival, you start on a desert island in the middle of an ocean. Pick a direction and swim!

We are currently running a developer version of Spigot for 1.14.1. We have a minimal amount of plugins that don't have any real impact on gameplay and are just protections and cosmetic perks for the individual player or they are admin related. These plugins include Grief Prevention/Land Claim, Autorank, as well as voting rewards and stat trackers. It's just like Vanilla, but with sprinkles!I

I welcome you to join us. Come play, explore, create, help out, hang out, etc. All ages are welcome, so please be respectful.

The server is updated on a regular basis along with a daily server restart to help maintain that near 100% uptime we're famous for.

Major server updates are no longer posted on the server website, but on Discord now. Use to join.

Welcome to Renzoku Survival!

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