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Published on 2019-09-29

Game FiveM
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Type RP PVP PVE Drift
Status Online
Map fivem-map-hipster
Last Check
1 min.
IP Address
Port 30120
Server Owner Psihusky
Hits this month
Country United States US

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Who Are We?

Los Santos Roleplay is an up and coming lore friendly roleplay community that encourages storylines with the primary focus being on character development. With jobs to get you started ranging from working at a vineyard or owning a nightclub to working your way up the ladder to run a criminal organization, you will be able to live your life in San Andreas the way you want.

With an active and friendly staff, we are available for community support and are constantly taking player feedback to make improvements to the community. We continue to try and push the boundaries on things to find a way we can make it better and truly make your experience within San Andreas unique and most of all fun.

  • Fun - there’s no point if it’s not fun.
  • Immersive - while we say “realistic”, we really mean immersive. 100% realism isn’t fun, but we want you to feel immersed in your character and the world.
  • Professional - we look to develop and focus a professional server, clean interfaces.

What does Los Santos Roleplay have to offer?

  • Multiple character support (up to 10 characters)
  • Active development team
  • Customizable characters & 600+ NPC models to choose from
  • Vehicle chop shop
  • Clean interface design with movie, video, weazel news, and LivePD HUDs.
  • Custom maps & interiors
  • Realistic economy
  • Powerful anti-cheat
  • Drug system
  • Passive income methods
  • Realistically trained emergency services
  • Custom clothing and uniforms (incl. EUP)
  • Custom vehicles & vehicle modifications  (incl. tuner chips)
  • Purchasable maritime vehicles
  • Property system
  • Escalating Robberies (stores, jewelry, (coming soon) bank)
  • Vehicle robberies
  • Generous $60,000 start up cash
  • And many more (too many to list) - view all the features we have at

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