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Published on 2021-02-09

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Type Roleplay Stream Social World of Warcraft
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Server Owner Ashember Love
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For those of you that enjoy World of Warcraft Shadowlands.   Rookeryrp just opened a Private server meant for Role-play. it is still in Alpha and quest are a little buggy.. so bug reports are needed. Warcraft edition is build with roleplay and challenge in mind. We value the idea that things are only worth the time you put into it. At Rookery slowed the XP to more of a Vanilla pace which offers a sense of real accomplishment.

Story and Roleplay is the first and for most thought on our mind. We strive to give as many roleplay options possible, including all factions being able to speak with one another. Giving you the option to befriend the enemy if that is in your personal story, or perhaps arch-enemy. No matter your story we hope you find the freedom to grow and find it.

Look for a mentor. Look around for your Class Mentor to experience growth. We hope to build a server built on roleplay. So you can find a higher level of your class on either side and learn to grow in character.

We have set this up so that Horde and Alliance can talk to one another(now implemented), and you can talk to folks in
Game Via Discord(coming soon) Horde and Alliance can Party with each other to take on quest in the world and do dungeons. So no matter which side you choose you can still play together.

Remember this is Alpha and there are A LOT of bugs so report them as you see them.

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