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Published on 2019-01-06

Game Rust
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Type PVP Airdrop Kits Instacraft
Version 2215
Status Offline since 11 minutes
Last Check 11 min. ago
IP Address
Port 28025
Server Owner CoreKillTV
Dynamic Map See the map
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Hits this month 32
Country United States US

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Rusted Gaming and its servers are everything you have been looking for. Our community has been around since early 2016 providing only the best experiences for all its members. from Minecraft servers to Rust servers we have always had the best quality addons and configurations possible with no expense spared. all of our donations go straight back into the server to make it better, after all, that's why you donate right? I (CoreKillTV) (Owner & Founder) am 24 years old and have been developing game servers since mid-early 2015 and have the required skills and knowledge to keep our servers up to par and beyond your expectations.


Our Rust servers have over $200 in premium & custom addons and over 500+ hours in developing time to create an amazing experience you won't get in most other servers. We host all of our servers out of Dallas, TX to give an acceptable connection to ALL of the United States and surrounding areas. We only use premium dedicated servers with high-end hardware creating a lag-free environment.


- Full and enforced set of rules to keep our community happy.

- Donator ranks.

- Authorized Discord user kits.

- Starter Kits.

- Wipe Kits.

- Information panel for instant help with commands and more.

- Mature and professional staff team.

- Better Loot.

- Automatic base authorization.

- Clans system

- Automatic furnace sorter.

- Instant crafting (excluding "Hammer" & "Building Plan").

- Lock-on Rockets.

- Raid/Combat block. (ex: cannot TP while in combat)

- Anti-raid 2hr after wipe.

- Teleportation

- Plane crashes (Shoot it down with lock-on rockets)

- Quick Smelting

- Random spawn points (more randomized than vanilla)

- Remover tool (for removing owned base parts)

- Sign Artist (paste real images on signs (VIP only))

- Skins (Add a skin to a weapon for free using /skin (VIP only))

- Server restarts every 6 hours


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