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Published on 2020-05-14

Game FiveM
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Type RP PVP Drift Race
Status Offline since 2 months
Last Check
7 min.
IP Address
Port 30120
Server Owner Bang
Discord https://discord.gg/P6QNGQW
Hits this month
Country United States US

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Who are we?  A very professional team whose only goal is to provide the best Role Play experience for the players. 

What do we offer? Over 50 custom scripts offering endless RP opportunities as well as many positions and opportunities for a serious Role Play experience within the departments and jobs we have.

  • Law Enforcement (Los Angeles Police Department and Vice City State Department [Sheriffs] )
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Department of Justice
  • Custom Mechanic shops and Dealerships, ALL controlled by the players who manage to buy them.
  • Pet shops
  • Realistic gun shops with store clerk interactions
  • Custom mafias and gangs, all made by the requests of our players!
  • Many jobs, both custom ones and essential ones! (Strippers, Bartenders, Salvage Divers and many more!)
  • Drones. Yes you read that correctly, you can buy yourself a drone! If you wonder what you could do with it - it all depends on your imagination!
  • Custom heists (Pacific bank, Fleeca bank, Powerplant, Yacht and more!)
  • Many custom houses with open interiors and of course custom HQs for Law Enforcement departments.
  • Custom launcher to save you the time from scrolling and connecting manually to our server in FiveM's search engine and to update you on all important news and keybinds

What to expect? With an experienced team of Developers, Administrators and Clothes Designers there is no limit on expectations. You can find stuff such as:

  • Custom made clothes and haircuts
  • Custom made vests
  • Player requested vests for their organizations
  • A large variety of drugs, both natural and synthetic!
  • Crafting tables for synthetic drugs and advanced weaponry
  • Over 2000 custom vehicles with more being added each day
  • Realistic handling and speed on every vehicle
  • Custom divisions for Police and FBI (S.W.A.T. , K9, Internal affairs and many more!)
  • Custom CAD system to aid the Law Enforcement force
  • Animation

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