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Published on 2018-05-09

Game FiveM
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**Serenity Gaming** 

 **About Us** We are a brand new RP server that is Menu based. We are currently a public server but looking to hopefully become whitelisted, if we get the regular player base. The server itself is still in the beta stage, and the Devs are still working hard to polishing the server but for now, it’s in a state that we can all form great RP experiences for all!

 **What We Offer** What we currently offer on the server is a serious but well managed RP experience that allows players to branch out each of their characters stories as much as possible. We do currently have a whitelisted LEO and Fire Rescue with custom cars and peds for both. We have a teamspeak that we use for dispatch for the Emergency Services and also for any players to join, chill out and meet new people. We also have a custom CAD/MDT that allows players to create civilians on the CAD system to allow police to search up their names, vehicles and any weapons that they might have. We also are currently working hard to add in the ability to create a business in the CAD to make RP experiences even better... 

 If from what you’ve read above makes you intrigued about us, feel free to hop into discord and find out a little bit more about us! Maybe even fill out an application!! 

**San Andreas Law Enforcement Agency** - - Combines all of the departments into one single department consisting of / and +20 ELS vehicles with more coming soon!
* Los Santos Police Department 
* Blaine County Sheriff Department 
* San Andreas State Police 

 **Civilian Operations** - - Consisting of over 150+ custom vehicles. 
**San Andreas Fire & Rescue** - - Consisting of 15+ Vehicles and more coming soon along with custom peds.  
**San Andreas Radio Center**

 **Server Information** 
**Discord** : 
**Website** : 
**Game Server IP** : 
**TeamSpeak IP** :

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