Altopia -DETROIT MAP- Biplanes, No Decay, Kits, Backpacks

Published on 2022-06-04

Game Rust
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Type PVP PVE Kits Friendly
Version 2356
Last Check
2 minutes
IP Address
Port 25575
Map Custom Map
Last wipe
23 days
Server Owner Altopia
Dynamic map
Hits this month
Country United States US

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Welcome to Altopia!

We are a mostly PVE server with a partial PVP zone. Our admin staff have years experience in rust within PVE and PVP communities and work hard to provide a welcoming and friendly experience, free of toxicity.

Our server offers a wide variety of things above the vanilla rust experience ranging from but not limited to:

-Starter kit, to get you going right out of the gate

-Other awesome kits being added all the time

-No Decay, save yourself from the headache

-Backpacks, increase your inventory space to save yourself those pesky trips
-Jetpacks... Welp thats a thing

-Increased stack sizes, wonderful mod combined with the backpacks

-Biplanes, a little tricky to learn but a blast once you master

-Craft vehicle chassis at the lift to get you on the road faster

-Parachutes for when you decide to bail from the previous mentioned Biplane

-Skinbox, reskin your items and weapons to one of the many rust skins and there are a lot of RP skins also some can be added if you find something you like thats not shown

-Remove tool, to fix those annoying mistakes

-Car Radio, so you have music as you drive

-Furnace splitter, tired of dividing everything in your furnaces, well we have that solved for you

-Rotating events, currently we have a Heavy Convoy, Defendable Bases, Armored Train, Junkyard Event, and Drop Ship

-Oh did I mention almost everything can locks, so you almost never have to worry about any of your stuff again

Feel free to drop by our store if you want your own pumpjack, quarry or many other things. 

We have monthly map wipes and wipe BPs every other month at the update. Join our Discord and come play with us.

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