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Published on 2021-07-29

Game FiveM
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Type RP
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Map fivem-map-skater
Server Owner Anonymous
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Country United Kingdom GB

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We are a discord for a British Based server called Sky Life RP , if you want to play a role server with an amazing community well look no further!

We are wanting to bring a safe and healthy server for everyone to play on and enjoy. The Staff Team has over 4 years of managing and making servers. We have built this server to the highest quality then released it to you guys.

👮Recruiting Police👮

Our officers are trained to the highest standard and are the front line force against gang warfare and drugs. We are currently increasing the size of our force! looking for some fun RP in some amazing Police cars with great tools at your disposal? look no further

💛New & Active Community💛

Looking for a fresh start with a new world and citizens? we feel that! our new server is rising fast and its the perfect opportunity to join the family and perhaps the ranks of police or one of the local gangs! we help new roleplayers and offer a semi serious relaxed environment! we have an amazing chilled atmosphere within game and our community is truly one of the best!

🚗Cars & Dealerships🚗

We have hundreds of custom cars! and every car dealership can be purchased! you can arrange how you want your cars on display and change the models! we have some amazing player ran dealerships in game and the cars are seriously sexy!

💸Jobs & Money💸

We have plenty of custom made jobs to keep you entertained as well as nice easy to use custom drugs within the city! sell your drugs anywhere but make sure you dont get caught!

Here are some of the main civilian features:

🚘500+ Custom Cars

💰Custom Jobs

🏠Custom Houses

💎Purchasable Businesses

🚘Custom Car Dealer

🔪Black Market Dealer

💷Bank/Jewellery/Shop Heists

🪔Custom Drug Selling

Many more , come check us out!

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