[US]SMRTR PVE|2x|Raidable Bases|Private Raids|NPCs

Published on 2022-06-19

Game Rust
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Type PVE Oxyde RP Friendly
Version 2356
Last Check
4 minutes
IP Address
Port 29015
Map Equilibrium (PVE) + GridPower +
Last wipe
10 days
Server Owner peltman
Dynamic map https://playrust.io
Discord https://discord.gg/frB4teV2as
Hits this month
Country United States US

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Join us on our SMRTR QUEST to rid the server of VERY EVIL NPCS. SMRTRR PVE was spawned out of the minds and hearts of VERY SMRTR PPL who hope that you enjoy this experience. It is intended to be a great place to have fun and make new friends, so please join us in the SMRTR PVE Discord. It is fun and pretty cool. ENJOY!

We're using custom maps, custom monuments, and BetterNpc with themed NPCs on every monument! Weekly Purge just before wipe, and no BP wipe except on the forced wipes. Lots of VIP perks, but all QOL things, definitely not a "Pay to win" kind of environment.

You'll find 2x gather and loot, warp gates to help you get to your favorite monuments, TP, Grid Power, Upgradable Furnaces, skinbox, and so much more!

Every day tasks earn rewards points, which can be used in our store for cool non-craftable stuff!! Come check it out!

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