Tiggers Cluster Ragnarok shop2x3xp20T4HAA - (v296.101) Online

Published on 2019-02-15

Game Ark
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Type PVE
Status Online
Map Ragnarok
Last Check 2 min. ago
IP Address
Port 7779
Server Owner TreeTopTigger
Website https://tiggersemporium.com/tiggers-cluster
Discord https://discord.gg/hr6QBSG
Votes 21
Favorites 0
Hits this month 56
Country Canada CA
Tags ,OWNINGID:90125936456819720,OWNINGNAME:90125936456819720,NUMOPENPUBCONN:30,P2PADDR:90125936456819720,P2PPORT:7779,LEGACY_i:0

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Shop/PointsXP 3xPersonal Per Level Stats 2x Dino Harvest Damage 3x Dino Weight Add Per Level 5x Dino Speed after tame 2xTurret Damage 3x Taming 20x Harvest 4xLoot Crate 10x Fishing Loot 10x Unlimited MindwipesNo Disease Mating Interval .01Egg Hatch Speed 30xBaby Mature Speed 30xBaby Food Consumption .25
Character level 280 with ascension.Max wild dino level 250, 250 after tame levels
Disabled dinos for various reasons: Ichthyornis, Pelagornis, Pegomastax, Microraptor, Bronto, Ichthy
Uploading and downloading character, dino and items across all servers in cluster enabled. No externals. Uploaded character, dino and item expiration is extended to 3 days (1 day was default). Your uploaded stuff will expire in 3 days, don't forget your stuff! *I can't override what extinction allows to enter or leave, but we have had great success using the cryopods!
Vote Rewards installed
Mod List (Stack Mod, Automated Ark, Awesome Spyglass, Death Recovery, Element Factory, Tek Unlocker, Auto Engrams, Server UI, X-Tra Tranqs, S+, Awesome Teleporters, Better Reusables, Rare Sightings)

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