Tomorrow-Island - EU - LevelSystemStackSize and more Online

Published on 2019-05-13

Game Rust
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Type PVP PVE Airdrop Oxyde
Version 2164
Status Online
Map Procedural Map
Last Check 5 min. ago
IP Address
Port 28015
Server Owner Tim Emrich
Dynamic Map See the map
Votes 0
Favorites 0
Hits this month 12
Country Germany DE
Tags mp120,cp0,qp0,v2164,haf80a63b,stok,born1558377055,oxide,modded

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Tomorrow Island - German Server: More FPS!

Map wipe schedule: 6 months
Last wipe: May 11th @ 3pm - Next wipe: November 11th @ 3pm
Blueprints wipe every 3 months

Our features!
Levelsystem, StackSizesystem, BetterLoot, Bloodtrail, BuildingHealth, CarSpawn, DeathNotes, EasyAirdrop, Economicssystem, HeliControl, InfoPanel, SkipNight

Please behave in a mature manner. Trolls, asshats and toxic players are not welcome. Server rules:

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