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Published on 2018-04-08

Game FiveM
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Type RP
Status Offline since 6 months
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Port 32000
Server Owner Extremos McWillon
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Country United States US

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Try Hard Roleplay is a server with a small active community and plenty of great ideas backing it up. Since we are looking to invite others to join, we are also looking for people that would like to be LSPD or EMS and we are currently looking for someone that would like to run either department (LSPD or EMS Command). If there is a bug or something you'd like added, staff are open ears to every idea/issue given to them. The server is a work in progress, adding more features to add to the roleplay. We hope you can find yourself nice and cozy in our city and enjoy the roleplay.

Try Hard Roleplay Is still going through massive plugin customizations and tweaks, but it is functional! If you would like to play on the server, ( If you find ANY bugs or something you dislike, PLEASE put it in the bug section and/or server ideas section. We have decided to release this early because we need Beta-Testers and peoples ideas to create a better server for all.     

Thanks for considering our server,
-Extremos McWillon (Server Developer & Community Manager of THRP)

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