ADHD EU [5X] |Clan|Shop|Kits|Loot+|TP|No BP| Bi-Weekly Online

Published on 2019-08-18

Game Rust
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Type PVP PVE Oxyde Instacraft
Version 2190
Status Online
Map Procedural Map
Last Check 4 min. ago
IP Address
Port 28015
Server Owner Jamie candy
Dynamic Map See the map
Votes 4
Favorites 0
Hits this month 41
Country United Kingdom GB
Tags mp100,cp0,qp0,v2190,he6ffc493,stok,born1567710600,gmrust,oxide,modded

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Sick of pay2win servers? Sick of non active admins/hectic severs?LOOK NO FURTHER!
 Over at ADHD gaming we are a fresh, friendly & chilled out community with someone always on hand to help you out/answer any questions! 
We are a 5x server with some free and paid plugins to give you the best rust experience on any server! On our server there is always something to do and challenges to take on! 
- AlphaLoot (A paid plugin which provides a fairer farming experience) - Backpacks (Inventory space still not enough for you hoarders? Try our back today!)- SkinBox (Get any item skin you desire with the help of SkinBox)- BGrade (Sick of using that silly hammer? Automatically place graded items)- Up (Sick of using that silly BGrade command 😉 Simply upgrade your entire base with one command)- Player-like bots at monuments (change of dropping weapons and batteries for RP)- Furnace Splitter (Allows you to easily split any stack into a manageable amount inside the furnace)- Kits (Get numerous kits such as Daily, Work Tools, Building, Medical, ETC)- NTeleportation (Allows you to quickly teleport around the map to your home)- PM (Want to hide your secret messages? Use Private Message Today)- Quick Smelt (Sick of growing old while watching your precious metals turn shiny? Watch as they stack up quickly)- Remover Tool (Sad that you aren’t able to remove a  wall later on? Say no more with /remove)- Server Rewards (Buy some goodies with the ingame shop)- Personal Helicopter (Spawn a personal helicopter to get you around the map faster)- Combat/RaidBlock (Sick of people teleporting when you are in PVP? Say no more with Combat Block)- Trade (Trade your items with your friends)- So much more!
⭐ Bi-Monthly wipes🗺 3500 Map size🚀 With our x5 loot gathering. You will have a base in no time! Connect: steam://connect/ or client.connect 

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