Unity Rejects 2.0 RP

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Published on 2022-07-01

Game FiveM
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Type RP PVP Drift Race
Last Check
1 minute
Server Owner Jacques Swart
Website https://62b3344d396ca.site123.me
Discord https://discord.gg/9W9UPBGauT
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Country South Africa ZA

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Unity Rejects ZA ROLEPLAY

The Best South African server. We are Proudly SA Themed

Why URZR was created:

Our City was originally created after the closing of Unity 2.5 RP and the owners (new owners) of URZR wanted to keep the citizens of Unity together.

However we have seen a growing interest in the city and welcome you; hopefully you make URZR your new home. 

We have an eager team ready to support you should you run into technical issues.

We offer:

- R50K starting cash to get you up and running

- Friendly citizens always ready to help

- Stable city with 60+ FPS

- 2x Mechanic shops, Redline Performance, Angels & Sons

- Easy to use voice system with radio support - No third party voice system required.

- SAPS (Police) - We have a well organized Police unit ready for action. If you ever wanted to become a police officer all you need to do is to apply!

- JMPD Themed (Metro Police) Ready to write you a ticket any time of the day.

- ER24 (EMS) - If you're an energetic individual who works well with others, valuing the life's of citizens; ER24 is for you.

- Mechanic - Love making vehicles go faster, sound louder and restoring a rust bucket? Apply at one of our mechanic shops. - we offer upgraded parts and engine swaps.

*We have four gangs in the city.

- Don't want to work a 8-5 job?

- Try your luck at being a criminal.

- C.I.T Heist 

- Humane Labs 

- Paleto bay bank heist

- Pacific bank heist

- Small Bank Robberies.

- Jewelry store heist

- Train heist

- Store robberies

- Merry Weather Heist

- Drugs - We have drug crafting. Try selling your locally crafted drugs on the streets of URZR without being caught.

- Hidden Weapon crafting benches. Need an unlicensed fire arm but have no money? no problem craft a list of weapons and ammunition.

- We have two black markets offering weapons and the other buying your stolen jewelry. 

- Other White listed jobs - Taxi service, Towing company, Lawyers, Benny's Customs and many more.

- Other Activities - Under ground racing, drifting, drag racing, Recycling center, Mineral resource mining, crafting jewelry and many more.

- 450+ Custom Cars - We have a ever growing car catalogue, with a car to suit everyone's taste.

- Custom clothes.

- Custom housing - the ability to decorate your house as well.

We have a lot to offer, join us today and enjoy the server with all of us.

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