uRusty|Wiped 7/9|5X|FastBP|NoDecay|VoteDay|Stats|Events Online

Published on 2018-11-16

Game Rust
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Type PVP RP Kits Instacraft
Version 2245
Status Online
Connected 22/150
Map Procedural Map
Last Check 4 min.
IP Address
Port 28146
Server Owner Anonymous
Website https://www.urusty.com
Dynamic map https://playrust.io
Discord https://discord.gg/tjmsvzR
Votes 0
Favorites 0
Hits this month 19
Country United States US

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  • uRusty 5X is a fast pace PvP server with over 20 premium plugins running on a high-end dedicated server. 
  • Server wipes weekly every Thursday between 3pm - 5pm EST. Blueprints wipe on the first Thursday of every month. Website: https://www.urusty.com 
  • A full list of server rules can be found here: https://urusty.com/home/5x-fast-bp.html 

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