2/25 | Vandal | PvP Zone | PvE | 2x | Lightly Modded Online

Published on 2021-01-19

Game Rust
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Type PVP PVE RP Friendly
Version 2279
Status Online
Map Procedural Map
Last Check
4 min.
IP Address
Port 28015
Server Owner Anonymous
Website https://forum.vandal.city
Dynamic map https://playrust.io
Discord https://discord.io/vandal
Hits this month
Country United States US

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Last Wipe: 2/25 - Next Wipe: 3/4 (Map & BP)

2x Gather Rate - No Group Max - Lightly Modded

Welcome to Vandal RP

We are an RP server with PVE and PVP. KOS PVP is allowed within monuments and within the Red Zone (see our forums for exact area) and normal PVP is allowed when agreed upon through RP by both sides. Raiding is allowed, however code raiding is not allowed. You cannot fully takeover someone's base, when the raid is over you must remove any locks you have placed so the original owner can use their base again.

Please check out our website and join our Discord below.

Website: https://forum.vandal.city

Discord: https://discord.io/vandal

Please read our full rules on our website or Discord before playing!

Report issues with /report in chat or report in the F1 console, please use the syntax /report (Suspect ID/Name) (Subject of report) (Message for report) Please surround all fields with "" and please include enough information. Please note we may not immediately be able to assist.

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