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Published on 2019-05-11

Game FiveM
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Type RP PVP PVE Drift
Last Check
6 minutes
Map fivem-map-skater
Server Owner Hal's Snackbar
Website https://forum.vandal.city
Discord http://discord.io/vandal
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Country Canada CA

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SERIOUS RP - Economy, MAYOR | LEO | EMS | HOUSES W/ FURNITURE | CAD/MDT, Race Mod, Heists & Missions discord.io/vandal


Build your character and their backstory - We want to see people playing a character with their own unique backstory and personality traits. We want serious role-players who are ready to commit to their characters.

Work hard - We have the standard fishing/miner/tailor/etc, but also custom created jobs like bounty hunters and moonshine runners that require a bit more role-play to succeed in. You could even own your own shop. Some items can be ordered from a shipper while others need to be crafted and stocked by you, or pick someone to co-own with and they can help run your shop too! Some legal jobs will reward you with special crafting items that are unique to that job.

Be a criminal - Rob banks, mug locals, raid humane labs are just some of the illegal things you can do. We have Armored Truck heists, ATM Hacking. Process and sell Weed/Meth/Cocaine/Moonshine. The list goes on.

Run your own gang - If you want to participate in our Turf Wars please reach out to staff and express this to them. Owning a turf means access to drugs labs or money washing. Each one is unique!

Player run economy - Since most items need to be crafted and most shops are owned by a player, this means the players control the supply and the demand!

New players welcome - If you're new to FiveM or role-play in general, don't worry. Head on over to the forums and check out the tutorials we have and how to do the things mentioned above. https://forum.vandal.city/c/vandal-city-rp/getting-started/12

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