[EU] WarZ 3PP|Loot+|Airdrop|KOTH|Sleepingbag|Trader|Helis|Event

Published on 2023-09-29

Game Dayz
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Type PVP High loot No stamina
Version 1.24.157551
Last Check
7 minutes
IP Address
Port 2402
Map chernarusplus
Server Owner don040
Website https://warzdayz.com
Discord https://discord.gg/warzdayz
Hits this month
Country Germany DE

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Introducing WarZ – Your Ultimate DayZ Adventure

Discover a dynamic and immersive DayZ Modded Community Server that redefines the gaming experience. WarZ stands out with a variety of features designed to enhance every aspect of your journey:

Dynamic Gameplay: Explore Chernarus with Loot++, ensuring valuable finds in every location. Custom mappings throughout the region create a unique and engaging environment. Enjoy 24/7 dynamic events, including Carepacks, KOTH, Clan Wars, and more, offering constant excitement and challenges.

Rich Assets: Gear up with our extensive arsenal, featuring 4 tiers of vests and helmets, 10 custom ammo types, 50+ weapons with over 100 skins, and more than 300 custom clothing pieces. Discover custom storage solutions and explore over 15 cars and 5 different helicopters for a truly immersive experience.

Map Exploration:
Navigate the map with confidence, uncovering locked crates with high-tier loot, exploring 8 key rooms, and conquering multilevel key rooms like Fort Knox, Fort Skalisty, and Oilrig. Interact with diverse traders, strategically placed across the map, including the Black Market, Drug Dealer, Barter Traders, Luxury Car Dealer, Bounty Trader, Hunting Trader, and High-Tier Trader.

Diverse Activities: Engage in a dynamic Bounty System with special currency, unlock the excitement of a Mystery Box, trade barter items, wield your favorite Counter-Strike Knife, and even explore the world of drugs.

Benefit from an experienced international staff team with over 5 years of expertise in DayZ server hosting. Enjoy exclusive assets crafted by the WarZ development team and partners, ensuring a unique gaming experience. Rest easy with real 24/7 support and server monitoring. Embrace fair play with a strict No Pay2Win policy, where skill, strategy, and teamwork determine success.

  • Loot+ find suitable and useful loot in all locations
  • Custom mappings all over Chernarus
  • 24/7 dynamic Events and many Live-events every week
  • Carepackages
  • King of the Hill
  • Clan Wars
  • Bank & ATM robs
  • Zombiehordes
  • Support in English and German

  • 4 Tiers of Vests an Helmets
  • 10 custom and rebalanced ammo types : 9x19mm, 5,56mm, 7,62x39mm, .308, 7,62x54mm, .338LP, .408, 50, 20mm, 30mm & EMP (Event only)
  • 50+ custom designed Weapons with more than 100 Skins
  • more than 300 custom clothing pieces
  • Custom Storage
  • Over 15 Cars and 5 different Helicopters

  • Locked crates with hightier loot on major military sites
  • 8 Keyrooms
  • 3 Multilevel Keyrooms: Fort Knox, Fort Skalisty & Oilrig
  • Custom Toxiczone with hidden hightier lootcrates
  • 2 Safezones
  • Blackmarket, Drugdealer, Barter Traders, Luxury Cardealer, Bounty Trader, Hunting Trader & Hightier Trader placed all over the map

  • Mystery Box (as known from CoD: Black Ops)
  • Barter Items (as known from Tarkov)
  • your favorite Counter-Strike Knife
  • Drugs (because why not?)

  • International staff team with more than 5 years experiance in DayZ server hosting
  • Exclusive assets made by the WarZ development Team and Partners
  • Real 24/7 support and server monitoring
  • Restarts every 4 hours
  • No Pay2Win


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