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Published on 2019-10-31

Game Minecraft
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Type PVE Towny
Version Paper 1.14.4
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I have been working on and off developing my server for the past 8 months or so now and its recently just gone public. It is none white-listed so no need to worry about writing a paragraph to apply. I'll tell you all a bit about the server now. WonderSky is a community based server newly out of development, we have a wide range pf plugins to spice up the vanilla game play and are open to new suggestions. Some of the features we have are;

Grief-Prevention - Lets player claim land so other players cannot build or break in the claimed area unless the owner uses the trust command

Crates - You can purchase a variety of crate keys for in-game money to open crates to get rewards. There is NO paying for crate keys for IRL money

mcMMO - Makes the game more of an MMORPG by adding skills and power ups. Also showing mob health, when they are damaged.

Economy - We have an in-game money of $ that shows on the side of your game, you can gain money by selling block/items and you can by blocks/items for that currency.

Auction House - Players can put there items on the auction house for other players to buy, you can even do a live auction with bidding.

We have a super friendly community and we cant wait to see you there!

IP: play.wondersky.net

Discord: https://discord.gg/Xt2Wqk

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