[EU] [PvPvE] [x4-OGS-CrossARK] Yautja.VAL - (v312.9) Online

Published on 2020-05-06

Game Ark
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Status Online
Map Valguero_P
Last Check 3 min.
IP Address
Port 7791
Server Owner drax_12
Discord https://discord.gg/QXCmsax
Votes 0
Favorites 1
Hits this month 1
Country France FR

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Welcome to Yautja Gaming - ARK Survival Evolve

A relaxed and friendly community to enjoy ARK with other players. Come and say hello...maybe you will stick around


Includes all official DLC expansion maps including The Center, Ragnarok, Valguero and Crystal Isles


3 x Harvest

3 x Taming

3 x Experience

3 x Maturing & Hatching

Double weekend rates

10 x Player Weight Stat (per point)

2.5 x Dinosaur Weight Stat (per point)

5 x Longer Days

Max Levels:

105 Max Character Level (155 with all ascension)

Unlock All Engrams. Enough points to unlock all engrams by level 105

150 Max Wild Dinosaurs Level

180 Max Rare Wild Dinosaurs Level


200 Turret Limit Increased

Stack Size PvP Cave Damage Reduced to x 2

Custom Loot Drops for Supply & Cave Drops (no more crop plots)

Custom Loot Drops for Guardians (Bosses) + More Element

TEK Armour enabled on Genesis

Flyer dinosaurs can receive points in speed


Download before joining here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2078497175


Fast Travel between Maps. After third time join the server, the map will load faster

CrossArk chat support + discord tribe logs

Player Protection (up to 72 hours at player request)

Vote Reward (in-game ARc Bars for shop)

Offline Guard System

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