Push to the top

The server will be displayed at the top of the page among the other servers in random order
on the homepage and in the categories.

The server will be put forward immediately after payment.

Premium subscription

New features for all your servers

$15 / Month

  • No Advertisements on your pages for you and your visitors

  • Each time the votes are reset (1st of the month), your servers receive 30 votes

  • Your servers are displayed in the list with a orange frame

  • Your servers are checked every 5 minutes on our exclusive network

  • Your players can vote for all your servers at once on the profile page

  • A TOP 10 of votes is displayed on your pages

  • The /vote command on Discord displays a player card with a vote counter

  • Type /topvote on Discord to view the top 10 of the month

  • Subscription can be canceled at any time